• Corn harvesting machine
  • Feed straw baler
  • Grain dryer
  • Rice dry seeding machine

Corn harvesting machine


Introduction: Corn harvester is an agricultural machine and tool that can complete a number of operations such as picking ears, stacking and returning stalks to the field at a time when corn is mature. Process: The corn harvester is used to pick ears under the growing state of corn (called station stalk picking). Under the action of the picking roller and the picking board, the handle of the fruit ear is pulled off. Due to the effect of the difference in the height of the inner and outer roller, the ear fell into the ear box, and the ear was filled with the box set pile. The high speed rotary cutter cuts off the straw from the root and then enters the crushing mechanism and minces it into 3-5cm long pieces, after which the straw falls naturally. The ears are then taken to the field, peeled with a skinning machine, dried and threshed.

Feed straw baler


Introduction: With the increasing efforts of national environmental protection, the field burning of straw after corn harvest is no longer allowed in the past, and the comprehensive utilization of straw has become a new demand. The development of differentiated straw baling machine can realize the packaging of straw for livestock and organic fertilizer raw materials. We will extend the development of feed straw baler, to provide users with the whole industry chain services.

Grain dryer


Introduction:The land is managed centrally, grain is collected and stored becomes new subject of kind quantity big household, grain drying becomes form a complete set must. The company develops 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons and mobile dryer and supporting clean energy, clean and efficient.

Rice drought livestreamer


Introduction: The current rice planting adopts greenhouse seedling, field water to extract pulp, transplanting and other links, links are scattered, planting cost is high, especially the demand for water resources is big, which restricts the planting and promotion of rice in northern areas. To solve this problem, the company through cooperation with scientific research department, developed and rice coated live machine machine can be done once the plow, harrow, flat, kind of, fertilizer, water, membrane, repression, cover earth, ridge multiple functions, compared to traditional rice seedling planting patterns, can decrease the cost of growing by more than 50%, the key is water-saving keep moisture, Reducing the use of pesticides (no herbicide) and fertilizer (one fertilization) solved the problem of rice cultivation in the water-deficient areas in the north. Integrated with seeds, fertilizer, agricultural machinery, agronomy, through research and development, testing and promotion, curve overtaking, leading the industry.

Industry advantage
Focus on 14 years, professional casting quality for the market.
Team advantage Team strengths Working together to achieve a common goal.
Technology advantage Technical advantages technology based, quality industrial, exquisite service, mutual benefit and win-win .
Production advantages Production advantage of professional production line, automation equipment
Pike Company: With Changlin (machinery) and Xianglong (Shikefeng fertilizer) double group as the platform, with scientific and technological innovation as the support, to create unicorn products. Raise internal and external strength, integrate internal and external wisdom, become the new benchmark of agricultural machinery industry! After nearly 60 years of construction and development, it has become a relatively large scale professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery and implements in China, and its production scale ranks in the forefront of the whole planting industry in the country. Automatic equipment greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the loss, ensures the annual output value reaches 200,000 tons, at the same time through intelligent equipment and professional quality inspection personnel layer upon layer check, ensures the product quality is consistent.